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Samantha’s 5th Birthday Party

30 Apr

So we had a birthday party for Samantha at a play place.  Since we had a whole  big room to ourselves we decided to invite her whole class.  In all we had about 16 kids.  It got crazy at times but  some of the parents helped so that was a big bonus.  I decided not to do a cake but make cupcakes instead.  For the Lalaloopsy theme I made letter lolipops made out of sugar cookies that read out Lalaloopsy…

I made Lalaloopsy cake pops and Lalaloopsy inspired cupcakes with gumpaste buttons…..

I made Lalaloopsy cake pops….

That was all for Lalaloopsy which is great because I’m sick of typing that word.  Now on to the other sweets I made for the party.  Along with the cake pops above I also made owl and pig cake pops..

Red velvet cupcakes which were more for the parents.  I used vanilla cupcakes for the kids.

There were about 6 boys at the party and I felt bad becasue all the sweets were pretty much pink so I made a special treat for them.

These are all sweets.  The ketchup is red buttercream.  The french fries are sugar cookies and the hamburger is made out of Oreo cakesters (cream filled turned out great for the mayo) I used more buttercream for the mustard and ketchup.  For the burger itself I made brownies.

Samantha and all of her friends had a great time at her birthday party and I had a great time making all these treats.

Talk to you later.


The Best Buttercream

3 Apr


Everyone should have a great buttercream recipe.  It can be used in your layered cakes or as your frosting in your cake pops recipe.  What’s great about this recipe is that it has whipping cream which makes it light and fluffy.  Here’s the recipe…


2 cups of shortening

8-9 cups of icing sugar

1/2 tsp of salt

2 tsp of vanilla extract (clear if you don’t want any tinting in your icing)

3/4 cup of whipping cream 35%

You will want to use the whisk attachment on your mixer.  If you don’t have a mixer and you want to do it by hand……go out and get a mixer.  Whip up your shortening for a minute to get it smooth.  Add your salt and your icing one cup at a time.  Be sure to slow down the mixer when you are adding each cup of icing sugar or else it will look like a winter blizzard in your kitchen.  Once you get to about 6 cups of icing your mixture will probably look really think.  If you find it clumping up then  you can add some of your whipping cream to get it smooth again.  Add your remaining icing sugar and whipping cream and lastly add your extract.  You can use whatever extract you would like.  I tend to use vanilla.

Awesome Brownies

3 Apr The Best Brownie


Yesterday I was looking through my baking and spice cupboard and I saw a box of Bakers chocolate.  I don’t really remembering buying this chocolate and determined that it had to be from a while back.  And it was.  It was 2 weeks til it’s expiry date.  I don’t use Baker’s chocolate often but I know of one recipe that it works great in….brownies.  Now I will tell you now that brownies probably wouldn’t be on the list of my 10 top desserts, but I do enjoy a good brownie now and then.  My husband loves brownies so I used that as an excuse to whip them up.

I will tell you now that these brownies are really fudgy…you know because they are brownies after all.  I don’t like cakey brownies because well if I wanted that I would just have chocolate cake.  These are rich and chewy and gewy and delicious and chocolately… get my drift….okay let’s move on..


4 squares of unsweetened Baker’s chocolate

3/4 cup of melted butter

1 1/2 cup of granulated sugar

1/2 cup of brown sugar

3 eggs

1 cup of flour

1 1/2 tsp of vanilla

1 tsp salt

1 pkg of caramel bits or 2 cups of chopped caramel

3/4 cup of milk chocolate chips

3/4 cups of nuts (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 and grease a 8 inch dish.

Put Bakers chocolate and butter in bowl and microwave until just melted.  Do not over do it or else you will burn the chocolate.  When melted add in your sugars, vanilla, eggs,  flour and salt.  Once everything is mixed fold in your caramel and chocolate chips.  Spread evenly in your greased pan and slide it into the oven.

Happy Baking