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Busy Busy May

7 Jun

These past couple of weeks have been busy around here with Samantha’s dance and Daniel’s Tai Kwan Do and with me baking up a storm.  May has been a really busy month for us.  There wasn’t a weekend when we didn’t have at least one festivity to go to.  One of those weekends was for my cousin Mike’s wife Krista.  At the end of June they will be expecting their first child.  My cousin’s fiancee Katy threw her a beautiful owl themed baby shower.  She asked me to make some owl cookies and nests and this is what I came up with.  It’s my first time making owls so be kind!

Here is my platter that I brought to the shower.

The shower was absolutely beautiful and so was Krista.  Katie you did an amazing job.  I also made myself a cake.  I always thought ruffles on a cake are beautiful so I made a cake to try it out.  This is what I came up with.

A mother of one of Samantha’s friend wanted some cupcakes for her fathers 70th birthday party and she asked for red velvet and chocolate.  The red velvet is topped with a cream cheese icing and the chocolate cupcake is filled with a chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate buttercream and drizzled with chocolate syrup.  Here are some pics….

This past weekend was my cousin JJ’s 30th birthday party and I was asked to make his cake.  He loves the San Jose Sharks hockey team and I was told to do whatever came to me.  This is what I came up with.

I have got some other projects and ideas coming up and I will be posting them all.  See you!