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2 Oct

I know, I know clever title.

This past weekend was my cousin’s daughter Melissa’s 5th birthday party.  My cousin asked if I would make the cake and of course I said yes.  This cake was fun to make and came together pretty quickly.  The bottom layer was a chocolate cake with a marshmallow buttercream in the middle. The top layer was a vanilla cake with a vanilla buttercream in the middle.  I wrapped both layers in orange fondant and then “painted” the fondant with 2 different luster dusts.  I was my first time using luster dust and I enjoyed it very much and also liked the effect that it has on the cake.  I also made pumpkin cake pops for the kids to take home.

On friday night my cousin Adam and his fiancee Katie took me to the Baking and Sweets Show at the International Centre in Toronto.  It was a great show with so much to see.  While I was walking along someone caught my eye and I froze.  Now there are a couple of blog that I check on daily to see if there is anything new.  Although I check out these blogs I don’t really know how many of the bloggers look like because….well I don’t ever check to see what they looke like.  One of the blogs that I check daily is Sweetopia.  The last time that I had checked her site I saw that she was going to be at the show with Redpath.  So here I am walking and I see someone up ahead talking with a couple of ladies.  It was this point that I froze.  I turned to my cousin and said “I know who that is” and I preceeded to walk right up to Marian of Sweetopia even though I’m pretty sure she was in a conversation.  I went right up to her and said duh! “You’re Sweetopia”.  We talked for a couple of minutes and she was gracious enough to take some pics.  Once she walked away I kept kept freaking out!  I met Marian from Sweetopia and she answered my questions and she was soooo nice.  After about 10 min I saw that she was doing a presention at the Redpath booth.  I ran over……I literally ran over and look a week dead centre.  She showed us how to decorate cookies….which she did effortlessly.  This she answered all my questions that I had on cake decorating.  I can’t believe how talented this woman is.  I know a lot of people don’t follow my blog but those of you who do need to go visit www.  I am so glad I got the chance to meet her and I thank her for giving me the inspiration to try cookie decorating.  When I came home and told my husband who I had met he laughed at me.  He said that I acted like I met this huge celebrity.  What he doesn’t understand that to me she is!  He can laugh all her wants….I met Sweetopia!