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Dessert Table Pictures

6 Dec

I thought I would add more pictures of the dessert table that I did for my cousin Adam’s Stag and Doe. Enjoy.

I found these cute cupcake cups at Winners. I filled them with an assortment of candies. This treat was the first to go.

Here is an assortment of biscotti that I made. I found a great selection of mascarade masks around Hallaween which worked out great since that was the theme for the dessert table.

Here are cinnamon cupcakes. I made a cream cheese icing and I added cinnamon sugar which went great with the cinnamon flavoured cupcake. I topped them off with a cinnamon stick.

At the top of the pic are chocolate almond cookies that my mother made growing up. Below you will see larger cinnamon cupcakes that I topped with a homemade churro.

I also made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. I topped them off with red glitter and silver candy balls.

I made french macarons which rec’d many compliments. I also made many pastel meringues. They melted in your mouth.

The one treat that I was most excited about trying were these Nutella meringues. I loved them! The only thing that I would change would be that I would add more Nutella.

Here are lemon squares I made with a delicious shortbread crust.

These are vanilla and chocolate mousse topped with a mini donut which can be used for dipping.

Because the bride to be loves all things parisian I got this eiffle tower chocolate mold. I used them to top sugar cookie towers and I also used them as accents around the table. I also make sugar cookies and used a paint brush to make a “painted look”. I think they came out really pretty.

These are chocolate and vanilla cake pops. I found these cute wooden spoons instead of using lollipop sticks.

Here is the first dessert table.

Here is the second.

I can’t forget about these delicious cream puffs. They are made with store bought puff pastry and a mixture of whipping cream and jello pudding inside. They are always quick to go.

See ya.