“Make Up”

16 Mar

In February I made some treats for Samantha’s friend Sarah. She turned 6 and her theme was Monster High. Here are some of the treats that I made…

These are eyeshadows I made with regular oreos. I used royal icing to “glue” the top portion to the bottom. I brushed the cream centre with a mixture of clear vanilla extract and foodcolouring. I used a Cadbury mini chocolate finger and dipped the tip in coloured royal icing for the brush.

These are cake pops that were dipped and decorated with Monster High colours. Since Wilton candy melts don’t have that hot brightness I added food colouring for candy melts to brighten the colour.

Along with the eye shadow I made “nailpolish” with marshmellows and a gelee candy. I painted the large marshmellow with vanilla extract and rolled in coloured sugar. I attached the handle using a toothpick.

These are some Monster High sugar cookies. I traced the bows and eyes separately on wax paper. When they fully dried I glued them to the flooded cookie with royal icing.

All in all these sweets were a success.


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