Adam and Katie’s Cookies

23 Apr

SO Adam and Katie finally got married!!!!

They asked me to make some cookies for the Shot table. I decided to make some colourful French macarons, amaretti cookies and chocolate chip biscotti.

I made a tray of sugar cookies. I called it “Love Story” since it is suppose to tell the store of Adam and Katie. Here it is…

The top of the tray has one side of a young boy and the other side is a young girl.


Then it shows two kids together “falling in love” ahhhh……


Next is a man (Adam) proposing to a lady (Katie)


Ending with a silhouette of a man and woman getting married. You just see their faces but you get the picture.


Here is a shot of the whole tray..


Here are the amaretti I made. I tinted them pink and topped them with a candy hart.


On the same tray I made chocolate chip biscotti.


The last tray I made was an colourful tray of French macarons.


The couple were on the way to take pictures so they didn’t get to see any cookies but I hope everyone else enjoyed them because they were gone by the time we came back from the off site photos.


One Response to “Adam and Katie’s Cookies”

  1. Katie June 4, 2013 at 1:26 am #

    We have heard nothing but how amazing these trays both looked and tasted!! Angela, you go above and beyond every time!!! XO

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