Daniel’s 1st Communion

3 Jun


Last Sunday was my son Daniel’s 1st Communion. My boy looked very handsome and I hope he had a great day. I would have posted a pic of him on his own but as I was looking though the photos I realized I don’t have just a photo of him on his own in his suit. This is at his party a couple hours after the photo above. He couldn’t wait to ditch the tie and jacket.


I decided to just make a cake. No cookies or pastries. We got the food catered by the same hall that we got married so I knew not only would there be a lot of food but it would be delicious.

On a trip to a party store a couple of months ago I found these beautiful dessert plates in turquoise. I decided to make the cake and get the cutlery in the same colour. For the cake I decided to do two tiers so that I could do two flavours. I decided on banana and red velvet both with cream cheese icing. I used Americolor turquoise to colour the fondant and decided on white fondant ribbons to decorate. I found these great silver balls in three different sizes and thought that they would be a nice look against the turquoise. This is how the cake turned out…



I started by cutting about a 1.5″ thin circle of white gum paste and letting it dry for a couple of hours till it got stiff. Then I lightly moistened a small brush with water and lightly wet the center of the circle and placed my large silver ball on top. It only takes a little water to have it stick. Don’t use a lot of water because it will only make the gum paste wet and it will not dry properly.
I let the center dry and then I lightly brushed the surrounding area with water and scattered the next two sizes of balls. I made about 5 circles and let them dry for 5 hours. Once I wrapped the two tiers with fondant I lightly brushed where I wanted my now studded circles of gum paste and attached it to the cake. I will say again…only use a small amount of water. If you over water the area will only be gummy and everything will slide off. I held them in place for a couple of seconds and that is all it took.
For the bottom tier I rolled white fondant very thinly and cut into 1″ long strips. With a toothpick I rolled only half the long side of the strip and it ruffled along the edge. I lightly wet where I was going to place the strip on the cake and using the unruffled side of the strip I adhered it to the cake. I first wrapped around my gum paste studded circle so that I got a flower look. When I got the ‘flower’ big enough then I used my remaining strips and filled it the empty area in between. I then scattered the silver balls in the empty space between the top and bottom tier.
My cousin Katie did the flowers for the event so since I didn’t have a topper for the cake I used some leftover flowers for the top.


One Response to “Daniel’s 1st Communion”

  1. Katie June 4, 2013 at 1:16 am #

    This cake not only looks amazing but tasted out of this world! Im truly Angela’s biggest fan!!! 🙂 ❤

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