Felicia’s Cookies

3 Jun

Hello All,

A couple of months ago….yes a couple of months ago. I know, I know I really need to start posting regularly. I had some left over sugar cookie dough from Adam and Katie’s wedding that I wanted to use up. I was thinking about my cousin Felicia (which I saw at the wedding). She is pregnant and told me that they were having a girl. She will now have two beautiful girls and I couldn’t be more happy for her. I was thinking about what kind of baby themed cookies I could make and I came across some baby face cookies online. I figured I would add a little pink hat and call it a day. But I thought maybe it would look better with a head band. So here is what I came up with…


I cut out the largest circle in my set for the face. I added the tiniest amount of Americolor terra cotta to white royal icing. It gave me a nice flesh colour. I added two black mini candy balls for the eyes and topped them off with a small drop of white royal icing. For the hair band I made a zig zag design with hot pink and topped it off with a gum paste flower. After filling the face I added the black candy balls because I wanted them to sink in. I let that dry overnight. The next day I added the white piece of the soother and the band around the head. I used thick royal icing for the band because I wanted to keep the look of the zig zag. A couple hours after that I added the pink ring on the soother and the gum paste flower with icing on the back so it would stick. I used pink luster and my large make up brush (that is strickly used for cookie decorating) and added a little bit of colour to the cheeks.

Congradulations Felicia and may your daughter have better looking head bands then this!


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