Hi, I’m Angie and this is my blog WHATANGIEMADE.  And that is exactly what this blog is all about.  I will show you dishes that I have made for my family and some pictures to go along with them.  I love cooking, baking, reading, writing and skidiving (just kidding).  I am currently a stay at home mom and loving it.  I have a great husband who loves to eat (thank God!) and two children who can’t wait to try my food because to them I am the greatest cook in the world….hey it’s my blog and I can write what I want!

I come from an Italian family of great cooks.  I will show you dishes that I grew up eating and new variations that I have come up with.  My husband comes from a Croatian background so once in a while I will show you some dishes that I have learned from his family.  I have no culinary training  but I am truly passionate about what I cook and create.  So come join me in kitchen…..figuratively speaking because it would be pretty awkward when people start showing up at the door, and create with me.  I enjoy feedback and comments but only if they are good ones…just kidding.

Ciao and Bon Appetito















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