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My Little Minion

10 Mar

Last weekend as I was bringing in the sweets I made for a birthday party I was approached by one of my daughter’s friends father to make a cake for his wife’s birthday. What I wasn’t expecting is for him to ask for a Minion cake. I thought that was just the cutest thing! They were going to have only about 10 people so the cake didn’t need to be big. So it was a cute little minion coming up….


Just because he was getting it for his wife I needed to slip a heart somewhere on the cake…


Hope you like my minion. Thank god he got picked up. I was very close to squeezing his cheeks!!


Thomas 2nd Birthday Cake

23 Jan

Here is a Thomas cake that I made the adorable Andrew on his 2nd birthday.  When I was first asked to do this cake I knew immediately that there would be a working toy train that would be involved.  Since the only track that I could find was in a circle I decided that the “cake” part would be the scenery for the cake.  Here is what I came up with.



I cleaned up the posts but of course I didn’t take a pic of that!



Those “rocks” are chocolate covered pebbles and the trees are ice cream cones covered in green buttercream.


Las Vegas Birthday Cake

23 Jan

Here is a birthday cake I made a couple of weeks ago for a 40th birthday.  I was asked to make a cake with dice and some cards.  Gambling/Las Vegas theme that included all the symbols of playing cards. (hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs)

Here are some pics…



The cake is covered in fondant and the dice and chips are made with colored fondant.  I mixed gum paste to the fondant for the cards so that they would harden and would be able to stand up on the cake.


Where have your been?

23 Jan

I know, I know…where have I been!

I can’t believe how fast time has been going.  I also can’t believe the last time I posted was in September.  The beginning of October was great because it was my cousins daughter Melissa’s birthday.  Guess who showed up?  Come on guess?

No. Guess again…

No. Guess again…

No. Guess again….

Okay, okay, you give up?

This is who showed up…


..with my daughter Sam.

It’s Belle!  It’s like she just stepped out of the movie…and turned into a real life person.  It would be pretty creepy if she stepped out of the movie as a cartoon.  The birthday party was  a blast and here are some of the treats that I made more Melissa and her friends.


Here are some donuts dipped in a light pink glaze.  Sorry about the quality of the pic.


I made some gumball necklaces.  There were really fun to make and the kids loved them.  I’ll do a tutorial at some point if anyone wants to know how they were made.


Here are some cookie dresses that I also made.  Each little girl got one in there goodie bags to take home.


And lastly I made some marshmallow pops.  I dipped them in pink candy melts and sprinkled them with pink sanding sugar.


..the pics because the sweets are long gone…

Elmo Cake & Cookies

30 Sep

Hello Everyone,

This weekend I had a request for an Elmo cake. The birthday girl was Leah and turned 2 this weekend. I was asked to make a chocolate and vanilla cake with a cookies and cream filling. I did two layers of chocolate and the middle layer was vanilla.


I had made some sugar cookies a week before and had extra plain sugar cookies so I tried to see if I could do Elmo cookies. I think they came out good. I started by doing the outline of Elmo’s head in black. Once that dried I was able to fill in the other colours (orange for the nose, red for the face and white for the eyes) all at once.

A 4″ circle cookie cutter was perfect for the head. I first drew out the design in yellow edible marker then traced it out in black royal icing.


See ya…

Hockey Jersey Cake

14 Aug

On the same weekend that I made the bridal shower cake that was on the previous post I was asked to make a jersey cake for a 10th birthday. I asked for the actual jersey so that I can get it as close as possible. Check it out..



Bridal Shower Cake

14 Aug

I have posted late but I wanted to share some pics of a bridal shower cake I made last month. The bride wanted a vintage flair and sent me some pics of what she was looking for.


I thought fresh flowers was a nice touch. The peony season was ending so I am very happy to find a couple of pretty ones at a local flower shop.