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My Little Minion

10 Mar

Last weekend as I was bringing in the sweets I made for a birthday party I was approached by one of my daughter’s friends father to make a cake for his wife’s birthday. What I wasn’t expecting is for him to ask for a Minion cake. I thought that was just the cutest thing! They were going to have only about 10 people so the cake didn’t need to be big. So it was a cute little minion coming up….


Just because he was getting it for his wife I needed to slip a heart somewhere on the cake…


Hope you like my minion. Thank god he got picked up. I was very close to squeezing his cheeks!!


Wizard of Oz Party

7 Mar

Last weekend we went to a Wizard of Oz birthday party. The theme was fun and my friend Jennifer did a great job for her daughter Sarah’s bday. I was asked to make two different cookies for the occasion which would be added to the loot bag. I made a ruby slipper cookie and a Toto cookie. Here are a couple of pics of the final product.


I couldn’t just stop there. I decided to do all the characters from the Wizard of Oz. Here are my cookies..


Dorothy and her ruby slippers.


Witch and the Lion.


The Tin Man and Glenda the good witch.


Hello Kitty Cookies

9 Feb

Today I went to a beautiful little girl’s 7th birthday party. The theme was Hello kitty and her mother, my good friend Mary asked me to make some Hello Kitty and heart cookies for the loot bags. This was very exciting since I never made Hello Kitty cookies before. Here was the process that I followed..

IMG_5322 - Copy

I baked the cookies 24 hours in advance. I bought the Hello Kitty cookie cutter set made by Wilton. It comes with the Hello Kitty head and a full body. Mary wanted just the face. Then I used 20-second royal icing tinted with Americolor soft pink. Since the cutter shows the outlining of the bow I decided to start there. I thought about doing a bow on parchment and then adhering it with royal icing on an already iced cookie but I wanted the bow to be flat with all the other icing. I let that dry for about 45min to an hour.

IMG_5324 - Copy

Here is a close up of the middle of the bow. You can see on either side of the cookie the outlining of the bow I tried to put my circle in the middle.

IMG_5329 - Copy

Now on either side of the circle I filled in the bow. This part was pretty easy since I just followed half the outline of the cookie.


Then I forgot to keep taking pictures and remembered when I was all done. After 3 hours of letting the bow dry I filled in the remainder of the cookie with white royal icing. I used flood consistency since there was a large area to fill in. I let the cookies dry for 2 hours. At this point the cookies are far from bring dry but since it was only the eyes and nose that I was adding I didn’t need to worry about the white icing cracking with the weight.

I just added the eyes and nose by hand. If you need some help then you can always print a copy of Hello Kitty that is the approximate size of the cookie and measure where the eyes and nose go then with an edible marker or a needle to mark the cookie before adding the black for the eyes and yellow for the nose.


I don’t know if you can see in the pic but I added hot pink shimmer dust to the bow just to make the color pop. With the hearts I just filled them with the same pink that I used for the bow. I let all the cookies dry overnight so that there was no chance of the icing cracking when packaging them.


Baby Cooper’s Cookies

23 Jan

So my cousin Michael and his beautiful wife Krista has another child and it was a beautiful baby boy!  When I heard the news do you know what the first thing I thought was?  Cookies!  No that is not weird….well not for me.  I was going to do the typical boy colour of blue but then I decided to mix some yellow and green also.  Here are some of the designs I chose..












Elmo Cake & Cookies

30 Sep

Hello Everyone,

This weekend I had a request for an Elmo cake. The birthday girl was Leah and turned 2 this weekend. I was asked to make a chocolate and vanilla cake with a cookies and cream filling. I did two layers of chocolate and the middle layer was vanilla.


I had made some sugar cookies a week before and had extra plain sugar cookies so I tried to see if I could do Elmo cookies. I think they came out good. I started by doing the outline of Elmo’s head in black. Once that dried I was able to fill in the other colours (orange for the nose, red for the face and white for the eyes) all at once.

A 4″ circle cookie cutter was perfect for the head. I first drew out the design in yellow edible marker then traced it out in black royal icing.


See ya…

Felicia’s Cookies

3 Jun

Hello All,

A couple of months ago….yes a couple of months ago. I know, I know I really need to start posting regularly. I had some left over sugar cookie dough from Adam and Katie’s wedding that I wanted to use up. I was thinking about my cousin Felicia (which I saw at the wedding). She is pregnant and told me that they were having a girl. She will now have two beautiful girls and I couldn’t be more happy for her. I was thinking about what kind of baby themed cookies I could make and I came across some baby face cookies online. I figured I would add a little pink hat and call it a day. But I thought maybe it would look better with a head band. So here is what I came up with…


I cut out the largest circle in my set for the face. I added the tiniest amount of Americolor terra cotta to white royal icing. It gave me a nice flesh colour. I added two black mini candy balls for the eyes and topped them off with a small drop of white royal icing. For the hair band I made a zig zag design with hot pink and topped it off with a gum paste flower. After filling the face I added the black candy balls because I wanted them to sink in. I let that dry overnight. The next day I added the white piece of the soother and the band around the head. I used thick royal icing for the band because I wanted to keep the look of the zig zag. A couple hours after that I added the pink ring on the soother and the gum paste flower with icing on the back so it would stick. I used pink luster and my large make up brush (that is strickly used for cookie decorating) and added a little bit of colour to the cheeks.

Congradulations Felicia and may your daughter have better looking head bands then this!

Make Up Birthday Cake

16 Mar

Wow 2 posts in two days! Here is a make up cake I made last weekend for my cousin Christina’s daughter Olivia. She was turning 4 and asked for a make up cake. Here is what I made. All make up (lipsicks and eyeshadows) are made with fondant. The cake itself is red velvet with cream cheese icing.