Where have your been?

23 Jan

I know, I know…where have I been!

I can’t believe how fast time has been going.  I also can’t believe the last time I posted was in September.  The beginning of October was great because it was my cousins daughter Melissa’s birthday.  Guess who showed up?  Come on guess?

No. Guess again…

No. Guess again…

No. Guess again….

Okay, okay, you give up?

This is who showed up…


..with my daughter Sam.

It’s Belle!  It’s like she just stepped out of the movie…and turned into a real life person.  It would be pretty creepy if she stepped out of the movie as a cartoon.  The birthday party was  a blast and here are some of the treats that I made more Melissa and her friends.


Here are some donuts dipped in a light pink glaze.  Sorry about the quality of the pic.


I made some gumball necklaces.  There were really fun to make and the kids loved them.  I’ll do a tutorial at some point if anyone wants to know how they were made.


Here are some cookie dresses that I also made.  Each little girl got one in there goodie bags to take home.


And lastly I made some marshmallow pops.  I dipped them in pink candy melts and sprinkled them with pink sanding sugar.


..the pics because the sweets are long gone…


Elmo Cake & Cookies

30 Sep

Hello Everyone,

This weekend I had a request for an Elmo cake. The birthday girl was Leah and turned 2 this weekend. I was asked to make a chocolate and vanilla cake with a cookies and cream filling. I did two layers of chocolate and the middle layer was vanilla.


I had made some sugar cookies a week before and had extra plain sugar cookies so I tried to see if I could do Elmo cookies. I think they came out good. I started by doing the outline of Elmo’s head in black. Once that dried I was able to fill in the other colours (orange for the nose, red for the face and white for the eyes) all at once.

A 4″ circle cookie cutter was perfect for the head. I first drew out the design in yellow edible marker then traced it out in black royal icing.


See ya…

Hockey Jersey Cake

14 Aug

On the same weekend that I made the bridal shower cake that was on the previous post I was asked to make a jersey cake for a 10th birthday. I asked for the actual jersey so that I can get it as close as possible. Check it out..



Bridal Shower Cake

14 Aug

I have posted late but I wanted to share some pics of a bridal shower cake I made last month. The bride wanted a vintage flair and sent me some pics of what she was looking for.


I thought fresh flowers was a nice touch. The peony season was ending so I am very happy to find a couple of pretty ones at a local flower shop.



Bobbie’s 1st Birthday!

7 Jul

Last weekend was my cousin Mike daughter’s first birthday. Her name is Bobbie and she is absolutely adorable. See for yourself…


She is such a doll and she was so good! I was very honored to make the cake. This is the cake that I made…


And look how similar the flower on the cake and the flower on her headband are… Total coincidence.


Here are some more goodies I made for Bobbie’s 1st Birthday..

Vanilla cake pops that I covered in pink and purple candy coating. I made yellow flowers out of fondant mixed in with a little gumpaste so that they would harden. Added some silver candies in the middle to go with the silver balls on the cake.


Here are some red velvet cupcakes that I made with cream cheese icing. I found these cute little cake toppers at a party store in Buffalo. The second pic is of red velvet also but I made them in mini ice cream cones. I got ice cream tester spoons at our local ice cream shop in town.


These are sugar cookies that I made with fun little birthday balloons!


I made fresh donuts the morning of. I added a little pink food colouring in the icing brighten them up.


These are blueberry cupcakes filled with lemon curd and topped with vanilla buttercream. I added yellow candies and a fresh blueberry on top.


Here are some sugar cookies that I made of a duckie toy. I got the idea of this from Sweet Sugarbelle Blog.


There are eclairs filled with vanilla custard and drizzled with pink coloured chocolate and hot pink sprinkes.

Hope you liked the dessert table.


Daniel’s 1st Communion

3 Jun


Last Sunday was my son Daniel’s 1st Communion. My boy looked very handsome and I hope he had a great day. I would have posted a pic of him on his own but as I was looking though the photos I realized I don’t have just a photo of him on his own in his suit. This is at his party a couple hours after the photo above. He couldn’t wait to ditch the tie and jacket.


I decided to just make a cake. No cookies or pastries. We got the food catered by the same hall that we got married so I knew not only would there be a lot of food but it would be delicious.

On a trip to a party store a couple of months ago I found these beautiful dessert plates in turquoise. I decided to make the cake and get the cutlery in the same colour. For the cake I decided to do two tiers so that I could do two flavours. I decided on banana and red velvet both with cream cheese icing. I used Americolor turquoise to colour the fondant and decided on white fondant ribbons to decorate. I found these great silver balls in three different sizes and thought that they would be a nice look against the turquoise. This is how the cake turned out…



I started by cutting about a 1.5″ thin circle of white gum paste and letting it dry for a couple of hours till it got stiff. Then I lightly moistened a small brush with water and lightly wet the center of the circle and placed my large silver ball on top. It only takes a little water to have it stick. Don’t use a lot of water because it will only make the gum paste wet and it will not dry properly.
I let the center dry and then I lightly brushed the surrounding area with water and scattered the next two sizes of balls. I made about 5 circles and let them dry for 5 hours. Once I wrapped the two tiers with fondant I lightly brushed where I wanted my now studded circles of gum paste and attached it to the cake. I will say again…only use a small amount of water. If you over water the area will only be gummy and everything will slide off. I held them in place for a couple of seconds and that is all it took.
For the bottom tier I rolled white fondant very thinly and cut into 1″ long strips. With a toothpick I rolled only half the long side of the strip and it ruffled along the edge. I lightly wet where I was going to place the strip on the cake and using the unruffled side of the strip I adhered it to the cake. I first wrapped around my gum paste studded circle so that I got a flower look. When I got the ‘flower’ big enough then I used my remaining strips and filled it the empty area in between. I then scattered the silver balls in the empty space between the top and bottom tier.
My cousin Katie did the flowers for the event so since I didn’t have a topper for the cake I used some leftover flowers for the top.

Felicia’s Cookies

3 Jun

Hello All,

A couple of months ago….yes a couple of months ago. I know, I know I really need to start posting regularly. I had some left over sugar cookie dough from Adam and Katie’s wedding that I wanted to use up. I was thinking about my cousin Felicia (which I saw at the wedding). She is pregnant and told me that they were having a girl. She will now have two beautiful girls and I couldn’t be more happy for her. I was thinking about what kind of baby themed cookies I could make and I came across some baby face cookies online. I figured I would add a little pink hat and call it a day. But I thought maybe it would look better with a head band. So here is what I came up with…


I cut out the largest circle in my set for the face. I added the tiniest amount of Americolor terra cotta to white royal icing. It gave me a nice flesh colour. I added two black mini candy balls for the eyes and topped them off with a small drop of white royal icing. For the hair band I made a zig zag design with hot pink and topped it off with a gum paste flower. After filling the face I added the black candy balls because I wanted them to sink in. I let that dry overnight. The next day I added the white piece of the soother and the band around the head. I used thick royal icing for the band because I wanted to keep the look of the zig zag. A couple hours after that I added the pink ring on the soother and the gum paste flower with icing on the back so it would stick. I used pink luster and my large make up brush (that is strickly used for cookie decorating) and added a little bit of colour to the cheeks.

Congradulations Felicia and may your daughter have better looking head bands then this!